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The Academy

So a strange man comes up to you and tells you “Yur a wizard” you don’t know what to do with this information. He then tells you of a place called The Academy, what could this place be? It sounds like a school, a sort of Hogwarts if you will.  

The Academy

  Basically The Academy is the place where people go to learn to Draw and fight, they go through an apprenticeship to become a Wolf these people work alongside each other and wild wolves that they bond themselves to.   No one is born without Rhean-Quan, everyone is able to learn to unlock the doors inside them. Once a child is approached by a wandering Wolf and decides they want to go down the path of the Sun they will be taken to the Academy. In order to be taken to the Academy you need to be of the age of 8 when you arrive; the Wolf who found you will either escort you to the academy themselves or arrange for a nearby Wolf to come and take you if they’re on important business. If you’re older than 8 you can still learn but you will need to find a Wolf willing to teach you or a Sorcerer(someone who has learnt to Draw without going to the Academy, they’re nothing compared to Wolves)   Once you find your way to the Academy you can start your path to becoming a Wolf. In the Academy you will learn about all forms of combat and magic known to man, this knowledge learn from remnants left behind by The Forgotten. The first few years you will be a “pup” and will learn the basic principles of magic along with other subjects. Along with this you will be assigned into a Pack, this pack contains four other members and will be your new family. As a pup you will learn with them and once a juvenile you will train combat with them. Once you have been a pup for four years you will be made into a “juvenile” and will start to learn more complex magic, combat magic and regular combat. The next 2 years later you will pick a path to follow, you will choose which type of Wolf you will be. White, Black, Red, Brown or Grey, you will then spend the remaining 8 years of your apprenticeship following that path and learning a heap of new things, along with combat training and your regular subjects with your pack. Below you will find brief but more detailed description of the timeline of your apprenticeship.

Depiction of Wolves Drawing



  1. You arrive at the age of 8
  2. The Elder Wolf assigns you to a Den, Dens are made up of all new Pups and will be your home until you choose a pack.
  3. You begin basic training, you will learn about The Wolves as well as Rhean-Quan
  4. 6 Months into the training you will bond to a wolf pup. Wolf Bonding Ritual
  5. The Next 5 months are dedicated to bonding with your wolf and continuing with your studies, learning about maths, science, basic geography and history.
  6. Your first year is over, you will now begin learning the theories behind Drawing. Things like Qi, and how to construct a drawing. You will also continue your basic subjects. This goes on for one year


  You are now a Juvenile
  1. First year is dedicated to more complex Drawing theory and practical basic Drawings. On top of your regular subjects.
  2. Second year is dedicated to practical complex Drawings and combat Drawings. This is a time you will also receive a weapon and start your combat training. See Importance of weapons for more information.
  3. Two months into this year you will pick a combat style with the aid of the Trial of Seven Flames.
  4. Year two ends.
  5. You will now pick a path to follow. You will go into a room with the Alpha Wolves and the Elder wolf, and they will speak with you about what kind of Wolf you would like to be and aid you in moving down that path
  6. Once you have decided on your path you will join a Pack. You have somewhat autonomy in this, Packs are your family in the later years. You will train and live together, no longer will you be in the Dens. Up to 5 people can make up a pack and generally they are all from different paths but they don't have to be.
Wolf Fast forward to your 20s, hey you’re now a wolf. Gratz.


The Wolves - Magical warriors and tradesmen who inhabit the castle.


Ruled by the three alphas, the male and female Alpha Wolves and the Elder Wolf Aileran.


The Black Wolves, who act as the main army for the Academy. Roughly 2500 strong.


The building that houses the Academy and the Wolves, is an old lord's castle, the original owner Lord Rena was a Drawer before the time of the Wolves in a time where you had to be secret about your use of Rhean-Quan. He offered his Castle to the Elder Wolf Aileran. This allowed the Wovles to have a form of refuge from the rest of Solivity.


The Academy Castle, along with an outlying den like village in the forests surrounding.

Guilds and Factions

Red Wolves White Wolves Black Wolves Grey Wolves Brow Wolves
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